Infiltration of the churches by those wishing to destroy the United States and American freedoms…

Alabama’s Pro-Illegal Immigration Litigating Bishops

Four Alabama bishops are opposing Alabama’s new law against facilitating illegal immigration. In their litigation, they align with similar lawsuits from the Obama Administration and the American Civil Liberties Union, which apparently also dispute the rights of states to act against illegal immigration.

Even The New York Times, in an August 13 article,seemed a little surprised by the religious forces against Alabama’s new immigration law.

The 4 religious litigants are two Catholic bishops, an Episcopal bishop, and a United Methodist bishop. Perhaps their moral case would be stronger if they explained what legal efforts against illegal immigration are acceptable. But in fact, many religious opponents of immigration law enforcement oppose any meaningful restrictions on immigration. The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops, along with the United Methodist Church’s Council of Bishops, has virtually called for unrestricted immigration as a Christian mandate.

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