Noor Amaleki’s mother wanted her to die

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Mother of Arizona honor killing victim on hearing her daughter was barely alive: “that’s what she needs”

That quotation was missing from this report, and sheds considerably more light on why authorities feared Noor al-Maleki’s family might try to finish in the hospital what her father started when he ran her down with his Jeep. It also further explains why the police detective called the mother a “sick individual.”
“Disturbing Details Emerge in ‘Honor Killing’ Case,” from Fox10, August 6 (thanks to Andrew):
PEORIA, Ariz. – Her murder shocked the valley and the nation.
A young Iraqi girl from Peoria was run down by her own father in what police called an honor killing
We’re now learning some very disturbing details about her family.
Man [sic] people wondered how could a father do this to his own daughter?
The question of motive..did the 50-year-old Iraqi immigrant kill his daughter because she disobeyed him, because she didn’t stay true to her culture and customs, or was it an accident as he claimed?
Conversations between members of the Almaleki family and police shed new light on that subject
Faleh Almaleki admitted to running down his daughter Noor with his Jeep in the fall of 2009, ultimately leading to her death, but the motive dominated the trial which lasted into the early part of this year.
In a conversation with Peoria Police immediately following the hit and run, Seham, Faleh’s wife, seems to sanction her husband’s actions.
“Who said my husband..maybe it’s not my husband..this woman, she’s a liar because she’s dirty,” she said.
Detective Bill Laing then asked her, “..if it’s not your husband, then where is he?”
Sayim replied, “I don’t know.”
Laing said, “Your daughter is about close to dying…she’s in critical condition.”
Sayim said, “Oh..okay..tell her thank ou [sic] Amal..thank you, that’s what she needs.”
“You are a sick individual,” said Laing.
During the trial, the prosecution pushed the idea that this was an honor killing using Almaleki’s own words against him. But when the verdict came down, even the defense team seemed shocked by the result.
Almaleki was ultimately convicted of second degree murder. The jury did not believe the Glendale truck driver planned on killing his daughter that day….

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