The DEA’s Terrorist Hunters

By JOHNNY DWYER Johnny Dwyer – Mon Aug 8, 7:05 pm ET
On Aug. 19, 2009, a Learjet traveling from Cuba’s GuantÁnamo Bay touched down at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y., carrying a dual Swedish and Lebanese citizen named Jamal Yousef. Twelve hours earlier, Yousef had walked out of a prison in Honduras, having been held on passport and weapons charges. But as he left, he found a group of masked men clutching automatic rifles waiting for him. Later, in court filings, Yousef would say he was forced into the cab of a truck and driven off into the night. According to his account, Yousef was then ferried by helicopter to the waiting jet. Once inside, he saw other passengers – men who were not wearing masks – and asked, “Who are you?”

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