Must View: Why Anders Breivik Was Not and Could Not Have Been Radicalized by Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller

Trevor Louden

Brilliant. Must view.

From Jihad Watch:

David Wood of Answering Muslims has produced this extraordinary video, in which he examines Anders Breivik’s actual manifesto and finds that Breivik was plotting violence back in the 1990s, before I had published anything about Islam, and that the direct impetus for violence that Breivik himself cites was not me or Pamela Geller or any other anti-jihadist, but someone you will not expect.

This video hits back hard at the mainstream media and Islamic supremacist forces that are trying to use Breivik’s massacre to discredit and marginalize all resistance to the jihad and Islamic supremacism. And it’s funny, too.

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