Global Unrest

London is reeling from three nights of riotingthat’s poured hundreds of people into the streets, leaving several local neighborhoods in shambles. One man is dead, dozens injured and arrested.

The protests have now spread to other cities, with violence reported in parts of Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol.

Great Britain and other parts of the world are experiencing unrest at a time of global economic uncertainty and stock market volatility.

Here’s a look at what’s happening around the world and how economic downturns are bringing protestors into the streets.

Great Britain


Spain, Greece , Portugal

The Philippines







To name a few…

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2 Responses to Global Unrest

  1. The unrest in Israel is a string of tents in large cities protesting the high costs of food, gas, and rent. While the leftists think they are in control, in fact the majority of those who come out to “march” are on the right.

    The leftists want a full Nanny state like Sweden. The Israelis already have said no to that. The leftists want to live in the big cities without having to pay the rents of big cities. There is no way they will move to a cheaper neighborhood in order to have a nice apartment or house, at a cheaper rent. They want everything handed to them on a silver platter, damn where the money will come from. Most (99%) of them have never served in the IDF and are considered Draft Dodgers. Typical Leftists.

    You will find in Israel that nobody will riot in the streets burning stores, looting and such. Even when Israelis riot they burn garbage bins. An Israeli protest is a more civil affair. The world could learn much from them.

    BTW: This whole thing started with the high price of Cottage Cheese and may lead to more housing being built in Judea and Sumeria, Jerusalem and elsewhere.


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