New Guidance Expanding Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

Clean Water Act Definition of “Waters of the United States”

Today was the last day for objections to be submitted.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) jointly released a new draft guidance for the federal Clean Water Act that aims to dramatically expand both the scope of what constitutes a “water source,” as well as the legal power federal agencies can exert over those water sources.

If enacted, the proposal will allow the two agencies to control any stream, pond, or even puddle that they determine “has a physical, chemical or biological connection” to any larger body of water, which includes even privately-owned water sources.


One of the biggest impacts of the guidance will be to reverse previous Supreme Court decisions that have established the proper constitutional limits on the scope of federal government regulatory authority over water and other natural resources. By undoing these previous decisions, the EPA and ACE will have a free pass to arbitrarily develop and establish their own rules, without proper congressional approval.


This will include stopping people from doing anything even on their own property if that property happens to contain water or even be near enough to at all affect it.


This same nonsense has been defeated in Congress before, but like every bad liberal idea, it hasn’t been abandoned by the far left, power mad to control every aspect of our lives.
As Phil Kerpen of Americans For Prosperity says,
But Obama’s EPA, as usual, won’t take no for an answer, and is now attempting to ignore two Supreme Court decisions, commonsense, and the American people and vastly expand federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction via a guidance document. A bipartisan group of 170 members of Congress told them not to, but they are doing it anyway.
The draft Clean Water Act guidelines will take more control away from individual citizens, and give it to corrupt bureaucrats — all in the name of protecting water quality and promoting public health.

The agencies are accepting public comment on the proposal for 60 days:…

You can also read the entire proposal for yourself here:…

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