‘Commander in Chief’ forces military members AND THEIR FAMILIES to follow islamic law during ramadon

Right, and Obama isn’t a moslem…

U.S. personnel are not expected to fast during Ramadan, but community members must refrain from eating, chewing gum, drinking water, smoking or chewing tobacco in public during daylight hours, according to 5th Fleet. “‘In public’ includes riding in a bus or car (even your own), walking or exercising,” according to the 5th Fleet’s Facebook page. “Eating, drinking or smoking by a non-Muslim in public during the day is considered a civil offence by many local laws, which may result in a fine or confinement.”
Alcohol consumption by U.S. military personnel in any off-base venue is prohibited during the holiday, with the exception of USO/MWR facilities, private off-base dwellings, or hotel rooms occupied by troops who are transferring or on a business trip.
Shorts are prohibited while off base during Ramadan as well, according to 5th Fleet, and women are required to wear pants or skirts long enough to cover their knees when seated.
“When in public, both in Bahrain and elsewhere in the 5th Fleet area of operations, Ramadan brings increased cultural and legal restrictions, which we, as guests in these countries, are expected to adhere to,” Martin said in an email.

In Kuwait and Qatar, U.S. 3rd Army provides training to troops, and also instructs them not to eat, drink, smoke or chew tobacco while off-base, spokesman Capt. James Sweeney said in an email.
“They are also warned that these actions are punishable under local law,” he said.
In Iraq, personnel are encouraged not to eat, drink or smoke in the presence of Muslims during the daytime hours, according to U.S. Forces-Iraq spokesman 1st Lt. Joseph Larrew.
“Also, any troops conducting meetings with Iraqis are encouraged to do so earlier in the day to be considerate to their needs,” he said in an email.
Image_20279692.jpg This attire guidance for U.S. personnel in Bahrain during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan was posted to the Navy’s 5th Fleet Facebook page recently. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunup to sundown. U.S. community members in Bahrain need to observe stricter dress codes during Ramadan, as well as refrain from eating and drinking in public, according to 5th Fleet.
Courtesy of U.S. Navy

Read More: http://www.stripes.com/news/middle-east/troops-in-mideast-given-guidance-on-ramadan-1.150254#

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