Red Reps 12: Babette Josephs, Philly’s Socialist Democrat

Posted: 17 Jul 2011 10:50 PM PDT

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Babette Josephs

First elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1984, Babette Josephs represents the 182nd Legislative District, which encompasses Center City and South Philadelphia. A senior female Democratic legislator, she has served as the Democratic chairwoman of the House State Government Committee since 2001.
Josephs is responsible for a number of laws and initiatives, including adding to the state Hate Crimes law crimes against a person for his/her sexual orientation. Josephs authored the law that guarantees confidentiality of HIV records. She also helped to pass a law providing for automatic recounts in close state election races.
Josephs has been honored repeatedly for her legislative advocacy and action, receiving such acknowledgement from Smokefree PA, Statewide Pennsylvania Rights Coalition, Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations, Project Vote Smart and Pennsylvania National Organization for Women.

Her current efforts are aimed at increasing state funding for public libraries and the arts, as well as securing adequate and permanent funding for public transit, improving access to health care for low-income working adults, increasing the minimum wage, allowing stem cell research and ending discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals in health care, housing and employment.

Josephs has also been a proud member of the thoroughly discredited and now re-branded ACORN.

Babette Josephs has also been a member of the US’s largest Marxist organization, and long time ACORN ally, Democratic Socialists of America.

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