Gazan terrorist are shelling Israel daily…never mention in the news…hmmm, can you say ‘agenda’???

‘Quiet War’ in Gaza in Sixth Day; IDF Leaflets Warn Residents

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Gaza paper: IDF scattered warning flyers – Flyers said to caution residents to keep away from security fence, request info on tunnel smugglers,7340,L-4097110,00.html

The Air Force targeted a terrorist cell preparing to shoot Israeli soldiers early Monday and dropped leaflets warnings Arabs to stay away from the security fence. It was the sixth straight day that Israel has staged retaliatory or preventive strikes against Gaza-based terrorists.

The IDF said it continues to hold Hamas responsible for all terrorist attacks from Gaza, where the terrorist organization rules. Several other terror groups, often in coordination with Hamas and sometimes acting to upstage it, also possess rockets.

Although none of the recent rocket attacks have caused physical injuries, they have sent several people into emotional shock and serve as a psychological weapon against Jews in the Gaza Belt area. An early warning system of an incoming rocket gives people only 15-20 seconds to run to bomb shelter.

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