Panetta’s Iraq Visit Reveals his Lack of Knowledge

By: Jim Kouri CPP July 12, 2011

During his first official visit to Iraq as U.S. Secretary of Defense, the former CIA director Leon Panetta told Iraqi government officials that their defense forces including their border guards must do more to stop Iranian infiltration and weapons smuggling that are contributing to the increasingly deadly attacks.
While several counterterrorism experts told the Law Enforcement Examiner that Panetta is new to the job of Defense Secretary, he should have been aware of Iran’s involvement in the Iraqi insurgency over the years. His statements revealed a lack of knowledge on the subject of Iranian trouble making in the Iraqi conflict.
“It’s almost absurd that Panetta should bring up the Iranian influence on terrorism in Iraq at this late stage of the conflict. He’s been the Director of Central Intelligence and should be more than familiar with Iran’s obvious long-time goal of toppling the fragile democracy in Iraq,” according to a former U.S. intelligence officer and law enforcement official now residing in Israel, who also is a Law Enforcement Examiner source.

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