White House Council Takes Aim on Rural America


Where, exactly, does the U.S. Constitution authorize the federal government to create “sustainable communities” in order to:

Clearly, the Constitution provides no such authority, and the Tenth Amendment prohibits the federal government from engaging in activity not explicitly enumerated and authorized in the Constitution. This fact meant nothing to Bill Clinton, who created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development by executive order. Nor does this fact have meaning to Barack Hussein Obama. On June 9, 2011, by Executive Order 13575, Obama created the White House Rural Council.

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This new council consists of 25 Cabinet Secretaries — or their designee — and is chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. The mission of the council is to:

Anyone who has ever had cow manure on his boots knows full well that until the federal government decided to get “engaged” with rural communities to improve the quality of life for the poor souls who live in fly-over county, farming and ranching fed the nation. Rural America provided the resources that fueled unprecedented prosperity. Not until the government showed up to help did rural families begin to suffer.

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