1943 Again? Liberal Jews, NYTimes Ignore President’s Anti-Semitism

1943 Again? Liberal Jews, NYTimes Ignore President’s Anti-Semitism.


 Barack Obama’s Jewish poll numbers are dropping.   The regime needs  Jewi$h check$ to keep rolling in, so the American-liberal-self-hating Jews-for-Obama truth squad, led by David Axelrod, is fanning out to preach how much Barack Obama REALLY likes Israel. 

Campaign strategist and self-hating Jew crew captain David Axelrod will craft the strategy to marshall the Jews for Obama

Considering the well-rehearsed    “kapos”  involved, it will be a very condescending, arrogant sales pitch.  Hopefully, thinking Jews will have none of it.

American Jews should withdraw their support of President Obama. Here are just a few reasons why:   


Obama and Israeli Prime Minister: Is this a look of respect?

What a contrast! Obama beams at Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas

Obama’s shameful treatment of the Israeli prime minister, his sudden announcement last week to acknowledge and negotiate with the Al Qaeda front/Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,  his decision to “negotiate” with the terrorist  Taliban in Afghanistan, and to “negotiate” secretly with a member of the Iranian government who is wanted by Interpol for mass murder of Jews,  his good friend” and PLO operative Rashid Khalidi has just raised money for the flotillas to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza, and his screeds demanding Israel give up land yet again  “for peace,” to create an indefensible border with Syria. Giving up the land Obama demands would put Christian and Jewish religious shrines in the hands of Muslims.     When Muslim protesters took over the birthplace of Christ a few years ago they urinated all over the inside, so how could Obama’s land sacrifice be in  the best interests of religious Jews?. Barack Obama said nothing when Palestinians celebrated and handed out candy to celebrate their  beheadings and stabbings of  a Jewish family of five.  Hillary Clinton and Obama gave the Palestinian Authority $150 million just last November.  He will give the PA $500 million this year and gave the terrorist organization $900 million in 2009 [see page 6 of CRS report.]

Obama’s self-hating Jew squad will not want to talk about any of those things, of course. American Jews who question Obama and withdraw their support of him will be mocked and marginalized by Obama’s designated “pitchmen.”  Read all about them here.

Chicago attorney Alan Solow, long-time Obama backer, will try to keep the Jews for Obama mollified

Once again: If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Liberal American Jewish Democrats and  The New York Times have apparently  learned nothing from their dastardly do-nothing past  and are once again setting up Israel and the Jews for annihilation. 

Barack Obama’s choice to “negotiate” with and fund terrorist organizations sworn to destroy Israel can be viewed as nothing but a precursor to the destruction of Israel.

New York Times, 2011: Thomas Friedman of New York Times says it is “pure crap” that Obama is anti-Israel:

“Israel today, I’m sorry, it has the most inbred, unimaginative government I think it’s ever had,” Tom Friedman said on “The Charlie Rose Show” this week.

“You can say what you want, all of these American Jews criticizing Obama. ‘He’s anti-Israel.’ It’s all crap, okay. Can I say that on your show? It is pure crap. The guy is trying to do the right thing. He’s not anti-Israel, he’s not anti-Semitic. It’s all nonsense,” Friedman said.”

New York Times: 1939-1945: Newseum:

“Only six times in nearly six years did the [New York] Times’ front page mention Jews as Hitler’s unique target for total annihilation. Only once was their fate the subject of a lead editorial. Only twice did their rescue inspire passionate cries in the Sunday magazine.”

“In March 1943, [editor of the Nation, Freda] Kirchney wrote: “The purge of Jews is not only a Nazi crime. In this country, you and I and the president of the US and the Congress and the State Department are accessories to this crime, and share Hitler’s guilt. If we behaved like humane and generous people instead of complacent, cowardly ones, two million Jews lying in the earth of Poland and Hitler’s other crowded graveyards would be alive and safe. And other millions yet to die would have found sanctuary. We had it in our power to rescue these doomed people and did not lift a hand to do it.”

Caroline Glick“Liberal Jewish American Suckers”

Mark Levin rips Thomas Friedman of the NYT for undermining Israel:

“Thomas Friedman  Love Song,”  a parody by Latma.

Israel is surrounded by hostile Islamic countries which are now emboldened and financially supported by Barack Obama.   The New York Times, through  its Obama house-Semite Thomas Friedman,  is once again, hastening the doom of the Jews.

American Jewish congregations and rabbis are soon going to be asked  by President Barack Obama to “make a choice.”   It will come to this:  Choose Obama and destroy Israel within 4 years.  Choose anyone but Obama and fight for the survival of the Jewish state and yourselves by removing Obama from office.

Obama, the “uniter?”  It would be a joke if he weren’t so dangerous.

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