Whos the RINO here?

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Check out “Whos the RINO here?” on United States Patriots Union


I quit watching that Judge Napolitano freak when he allowed Adam Kokesh on his show at least twice without mentioning even once that Kokesh was in IVAW. I turned against the Oathkeepers when they started making noises about supporting Kokeshs election to Congress in New Mexico and when their activist of the year. Michael Maresco. was campaigning for Kokesh at the Oathkeepers table at CPAC last year. Now these so called Liberty Candidates are inviting Kokesh to speak at their 9-10 event in NYC to vet candidates so they can root out RINOs.

Notice that Kokesh and Moresco are both listed as speakers.
Heres Liberty Candidates Mission Statement;


Yeah, the Liberty Candidates are just a bunch of Ron Paul creeps in their constitutional disguises again.

Thanks to JonP for the link.

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  1. Iggy,

    I used to listen to Mike Church on Sirius Patriot channel until he went completely down the “code pink” lane as far as Afghanistan is concerned…and the guy that would fill in for him from time to time is this putz Jack Hunter a.k.a. “The Southern Avenger” – both of these guys are a bunch of confederate hold overs from the Civil War who wouldn’t be for any military action – NONE. They’re both in bed with Ron Paul and they are the kind to have an Adam Kokesh autographed photo on their desk. These two are scumbags and defeatists who wouldn’t know islamic terrorism if it cut the head off of their wife.


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