China Is Planting Digital Bombs Throughout US Power Grid

China Is Planting Digital Bombs Throughout US Power Grid.

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Go ahead, Scoff.. satanic, demonic, leftist sub-humans… You are weighed in the balances and found wanting. God WILL turn America over to China and they will invade, not just by their smiling faces, walking through the gates of NYC…Nope.. They will invade with bombs, rockets, digitally, you name it.  Yes, they will burn this country with fire. They will march through America and TAKE IT ALL. America is DOOMED and refuses to repent. Refuses to turn to GOD. America put their ‘hope’ in a son of hell, and we will reap destruction. Our ‘gay’ and murder of unborns is a stench in the nostrils of the ALMIGHTY.  He has had ENOUGH.  Time is short.

Richard Clarke: China is Planting Digital Bombs Throughout the U.S. Power Grid

November 9, 2010- “Mystery” Missile launched over Los Angeles.

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