BBC reporter arrested for being member in Islamo-Terror group

June 18, 2011 Timothy Whiteman

I know this will come as a shock to many, but a reporter for the notoriously hard-leftist British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been arrested in the Central Asian nation of Tajikistan.

And what was this objective journalist popped for?

According to a statement from government spokesman Makhmadullo Asadulloyev, the reporter from Auntie Beeb, Urunbay Usmonov, was arrested for;

“willingly became a member of the illegal organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir in 2009 and was engaged in extremist propaganda and campaigning for the movement on the Internet.”

Spokesman Asadulloyev also stated in his press release that the government has proof Usmonov assisted Hizb ut-Tahir members in operating extremist websites and wrote articles calling for jihad.

Noooo…. someone from the venerable BBC is bias to the point of belonging to an organization that openly calls for the overthrow of more than one Central Asian nations, and wants an Islamist Caliphate operating under Sharia Law established?

I reiterate – Nooooo… (Sarcasm off.)

Well, isn’t that special?

According to;

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