Weiner considering joining the moslems???

Holy mo-ham-ed! I didn’t know this!!!
“Weiner is not considered a Jew…his wife is a practicing Muslim and he is considering converting to Islam
no rabbi would marry the 2 of them. they had Bill Clinton marry them”


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Did Anthony Weiner Convert to Islam?

By Ben Barrack WebToday (June 8, 2011)– The New York Times reports that Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife – Huma Abedin – is a “practicing Muslim” who was raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 2007, the New York Observer wrote – article no longer available but cross-posted at Free Republic – that her mother is a professor in Saudi Arabia and that her father was an Islamic scholar before his death.

Who is Huma Abedin and what does she do?????         Hint… she works for Hillary Clinton

Secretary Hillary Clinton 7th Floor – State Department

Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Huma Abedin 202-647-9572

 Islamic law forbids any Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim man. Weiner was raised Jewish but admitted to growing up in a non-religious household.   Sacred Islamic Law Manual/Umdat Al Salik Book of Marriage M.4.2 (2) and M. 4.3 forbids a Muslim from marrying an apostate or corrupt man.

If Abedin remains a practicing Muslim and her religion forbids her from marrying a non-Muslim, which of the two of them is the mostly likely convert?

Known as the Shahada, the Islamic testimony of faith is very short. Weiner would have been required to say it according to Islamic law.

Otherwise, Abedin would have violated a primary tenet of her religion. Here is what Weiner would have had to say in order to be able to marry Abedin according to Sharia law: “There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Curiously, the imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York (ICC), of which Ground Zero mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a trustee, is a man named Sheik Omar Abu-Namous.  He is calling for Abedin to stand by Weiner.

 Why would an imam encourage a Muslim woman to remain married to an unfaithful, Jewish man?

Feisal Rauf has a long history of Muslim Brotherhood ties to include;

§Rauf Friends of spiritual chief Yusuf al-Qaradawi via al-Taqwa Bank who champions shariah Law.
§Perdona Global Peace Org (MB, Hamas, AQ)
§  Jamal Barzinji MB Leader is a partner in Cordoba Initiative
§  Farouk Kahn – Daisy Uncle, Board member of ISNA, IMANA, and ICNA & Westbury Mosque Chair until 2006(MB)
§  Rauf’s Manhattan ASMA offices at 475 Riverside Drive occupy the suite next door to (CAIR)
§  Alwaleed Bin Talal funds over 300K to Raufs Muslims Leaders of Tomorrow.

 Hisham Elzanaty — an Egyptian-born businessman from Long Island — provided a big chunk of the $4.8 million needed to buy the building that will be demolished to make way for the mosque. Donates to HLF an organization which was shut down in the largest terrorism funding trial in U.S. history in 2008, which resulted in CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood member being sentenced up to 65 years in prison.

  Feisal Rauf Sr. who;

Ø  Taught at Al Azhar Univ. CAIRO Egypt
Ø  Al Azhar approves Umdat Al Salik/Reliance   (Islamic Law re: Jihad, Apostasy, Homosexuality, gender Equality)
Ø  Contemporary of Hassan Al Banna (Founder of Muslim Brotherhood) & attended 
Al Azhar University together
ØExpanded Islam in UK, Indonesia, and U.S.
Funded his Mosques by state sponsors of terror and Muslim Brotherhood members/entities, which Feisal Rauf Jr. now runs.

He is calling for Abedin to stand by Weiner.

Why would an imam encourage a Muslim woman to remain married to an unfaithful, Jewish man? Compounding this matter further is the fact that Abu-Namous was quoted in 2001 as saying: “A unified Muslim state would be the ideal instrument to convince the world that Islam is the last version of God’s word. God meant his word to be obeyed.”

In 2007, Abu-Namous spoke alongside the director of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) at the First National Summit of Imams and Rabbis. Abu-Namous is on record as having said there was no conclusive evidence that Muslims were responsible for the September 11th attacks. Ironically, Abu-Namous’s predecessor at the ICC blamed the Jews for 9/11.

ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood group.

There is a question that needs to be answered. Did a secular Jewish man convert to Islam or did his (still) practicing Muslim wife abandon her religion by marrying him?

Rep. Weiner Skips Israeli Day Parade

YWN had long questioned how Weiner who is married to a Muslim woman, was still proud to yell “Am Yisroel Chai” (Jewish Nation Live) on a megaphone at the Israeli Day Parade in Manhattan. How does the “Jewish Nation Live”  if our highest profile Jews intermarry?

Weiner chose to skip the parade this year

“if she agreed to convert why didn’t they make a jewish wedding? why was it on shabbos.”


Anthony Weiner is a dangerous demagogue. He is hardly talented or smart enough to be considered Machiavellian, but it is surely what he aspires to. He recently married Huma Abedin, Hillary’s body double, after a fierce whispering campaign in the gay (and very left) community had her closerthanthanthis with Hillary. And Weiner does everything for a reason. The gossip was on fire back in November 2007 when Michael Musto, gossip of the dish, said they were involved in the downtown gossip rag extraordinaire, Paper, and another hippie bible, the Village Voice. The page was taken down, but here it is in the wayback machine.

Abedin grew up in Saudi Arabia. Her father was a leading “Islamic scholar.” Whether Weiner had to convert to Islam for her remains to be known. But this is a political marriage, and Weiner is a very small, very dangerous little man. He does everything for a reason — a calculating operator. There is not one dinner or event for Israel that I have attended where he doesn’t show up, uninvited, and demand to speak for the “zionist” wing of the anti-semitic party (the Democrats). He gives the impression that he is Jewish (he is not), and works the Jewish vote while stabbing us in the back.

Is Weiner just a beard for Huma?
Hillary has Huma, Barack has Love,, and Huma’s love is Weiner, or at least that’s what the NY tabloids say:

Rep. Anthony Weiner, a likely 2009 mayoral candidate… finally ‘fessed that he is romancing Clinton’s glamorous “body woman,” Huma Abedin. Asked by The Associated Press about all the time he’s spending on the road campaigning for Clinton, the 43-year-old bachelor said, “It’s largely because I’m dating Huma…” [Link]

This story has actually been kicking around since January, when the rumors of a Hillary-Huma couple were stronger. Back then the Abedin-Weiner story was floated and then denied:

Speculation that Washington’s two most eligible singles—Hillary Rodham Clinton’s fashionable traveling aide Huma Abedin and New York’s dashing bachelor Congressman Anthony Weiner—are dating has become “common knowledge” among the campaign press corp… [Link]

Hillary Clinton’s top traveling aide, Huma Abedin, is not dating bachelor Rep. Anthony Weiner. A source close to Abedin shares that the political glamour gal is “just friends” with Weiner, but is dating someone else. [Link]

Honestly, I have trouble believing the story because I can’t imagine a body-person having time or energy to do anything more than minister to the candidate’s needs. They’ve got to be there, an arm’s length away, from when the candidate wakes to when they sleep. Huma’s probably better chaperoned than a desi on their first arranged marriage cha-meeting. And besides, Huma’s got her hands so full that I can’t see how she’s able to hold Weiner’s. Her schedule’s so full that there would be no time to be abeddin’ Abedin.

That said, it doesn’t really matter to me whether she likes Weiner or not. We’re desis, we like our politics without sex, thank you very much. You go girl – whatever direction you want.

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  1. I found it very strange that he married a practicing Muslim from a prominent Saudi Muslim family. That no rabbi (even a very Progressive one) would marry them. And that the 2 of them were married by Bill Clinton.

    The only way for her to be considered married to him and not to be killed by her family would have been for Weiner to have converted to Islam. Otherwise they will be gunning for both of them (especially her).


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