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Georgia’s House Bill 87 signed into law last month, and going into effect in July, authorizes police to investigate the immigration status of suspects under certain conditions and arrest illegal immigrants and take them to jail. It also punishes people who knowingly harbor or transport illegal immigrants while committing another crime or use fake identification to get a job in Georgia. A recent estimate puts the number of illegal immigrants in Georgia at 425,000 – the seventh-highest among the states – but this seems likely to change.

El Salvadoran and Honduran consulates in Georgia say many more people are seeking passports for themselves and dual citizenship for their children so they can return to their home countries before being arrested and deported in connection with the tough new law.


Jose Arturo Arreola-Lopez was arrested last week on a Probation Violation warrant by the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. Arreola-Lopez was originally arrested in November 2002 on Transportation of Marijuana charges and booked into the Cochise County Jail along with one other subject after a group of thirteen was observed carrying backpacks along a drug-smuggling corridor.

Arreola-Lopez was convicted in the drug case and found guilty on February 24, 2003. He then was sentenced to serve 108 days but was given credit for 108 days time served along with three years of unsupervised probation before being released in the custody of the U.S. Border Patrol on an Immigration Detainer. Arreola-Lopez then voluntarily returned to Mexico and a subsequent felony warrant was issued for his arrest for not making contact as required.

Just four days after the release of Arreola-Lopez, the Mexican government was informed of a murder of 23-year-old Jorge Solomon, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. The Agent, on vacation and visiting relatives, was killed by four men he recently met after going out with them for drinks when they discovered he was a Border Patrol Agent. The Agent was brutally beat to death before the four men stole his vehicle and the necklace that he was wearing. During the investigation, it was discovered that Arreola-Lopez was one of the three outstanding suspects in the murder case.

During a routine warrant check by Cochise County Adult Probation on April 20, 2011, they discovered he was in custody in St. Paul Minnesota on a separate local charge and using a variation of the name Arreola-Lopez. ICE agents are presently coordinating with the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office to detain Mr. Arreola-Lopez and make arrangements to turn him over to the Mexican government for the murder charge.

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