Successfully Combating Jihad and Sharia Vision + Strategy + Organization = Victory by Guy Rodgers, Executive Director, ACT! for America

Consider these alarming data.

A 2003 survey of Detroit-area Muslims conducted by a Muslim organization found that 81% agreed with the statement that sharia law should be imposed in Muslim lands—with 59% strongly agreeing. How likely do you think it is that most of these Muslims also support the imposition of sharia law in America? A 2007 survey of nearly 4,500 Muslims worldwide, including approximately 500 Indonesian Muslims who identified themselves as “moderates,” found over 65% support for a requirement that strict sharia law be applied in all Muslim countries. A Pew study released in 2009 revealed that 78% of Pakistanis supported the death penalty for those who leave Islam and 83% supported stoning adulterers. According to a study just published, which was highlighted in our email Monday, a representative sample of 100 mosques in America found that 81% had moderate to high support for advocating jihad to advance sharia law. This snapshot leaves us with the unmistakable conclusion: Support for sharia law among Muslims across the world is widespread and growing.

This is what the apologists for radical Islam, those who arrogantly dismiss concerns about sharia law, either are ignorant of or willfully blind to.

Are there “moderate” and “reformist” Muslims who do not subscribe to either violent jihad or stealth jihad, who do not subscribe to the advance of sharia law and the unity of mosque and state? Of course.

We work with some of these leaders and promote what they do. We commend them and hope their efforts succeed.

But, for many reasons, the odds are clearly against them. As the poll results above demonstrate, Islamic organizations and leaders that are committed to the advance of sharia law, either through violent or stealth jihad, are driving the agenda for worldwide Islam.

This is why those who follow ACT! for America see our staff, chapter leaders and members working hard, day in and day out, to build a formidable, ever-increasing national citizen action network, employing strategies and tactics that are producing legislative and other kinds of victories to roll back this threat.

You saw an example of this network in action in our email yesterday, which highlighted chapter leader Michael Hayutin’s challenge to a public school textbook in California. You saw it in the passage of the refugee resettlement legislation in Tennessee.

We are not going to wait until, like the UK, we have sharia courts dotting the American landscape.

Talking about the threat isn’t enough. Education is necessary, but it’s not sufficient. We don’t want to just combat radical Islam—we intend to defeat it. Strategic action is what is needed—and strategic action is what we do.

For example, to challenge the threat of sharia law creeping into our courts, we have thus far gotten bills passed in Arizona and Tennessee that prohibit state courts from using foreign law, and by extension sharia law, in their decisions.

To challenge pro-Islamic bias and indoctrination in public school textbooks, our sister organization, ACT! for America Education, will release this fall an analysis of 38 such textbooks.

We will mail this to every one of America’s 50,000 school board members, and then we will urge ACT! for America chapter leaders and members to pour into school board meetings demanding changes to textbooks to eliminate this bias and indoctrination.

These are just two examples of how we are honing in on the threat and developing and applying strategic action to counter the threat.

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: The bigger our national organization becomes, the bigger and more numerous the victories we will achieve.

Vision + Strategy + Organization = Victory.

Or to put it another way:

People power… with a purpose… and a plan… achieves results.

I have reviewed polling data and analyzed how our opposition, such as CAIR, is reacting to national trends. CAIR is clearly desperate as it sees America waking up. We are turning the tide.

And I am convinced that the only thing that will prevent us from prevailing over radical Islam is, to paraphrase Edmund Burke, when “good people do nothing.” Brigitte Gabriel understood the power of organized, strategic action when she had a vision of an organization that is today ACT! for America.

As we are fond of saying, if everyone does a little, together we accomplish a lot. What can you do today?

Encourage a friend to sign up for our email alerts. Join or start a chapter. Become a fan on our Facebook page. Make a contribution. Yours for a safe and free America,

Guy Rodgers

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