Glenn Beck (awkwardly) confronted GE CEO

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Glenn hopped in the elevator this morning, and on his way down GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt got in the elevator. That’s right, Glenn lives above the GE boss! But what’s more important was the distinct lack of courage Glenn showed when Immelt struck up a conversation and asked Glenn what he thought of the world.
“Mr. Big shot tough guy didn’t say anything when actually confronted,” Stu joked. “Stand! Unless you just want to get to work. Stand for courage unless it’s inconvenient.”
What did Glenn tell Immelt? “I said, well, I don’t know exactly, Jeff, how people who are designing this ‑‑ and I left out “Mainly you,” how people are designing this. Because I figured he knew he was helping design it. How people are designing this think the little guy is going to fare. I understand how the big guy is going to fare, and I assumed that he knew I knew he was the big guy. I said, I understand how the big guys are going to fare, but how’s the little guy going to make it? And I think he was then thinking, you son of a bitch, I just want to hit you in the face.”

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