Whole Foods admits its organic foods contain genetically modified ingredients

NaturalNews) Genetically modified foods have become so ubiquitous in the US that even the grocery store ‘Whole Foods’ now admits it cannot keep biotech foods off its shelves. A representative for the corporation acknowledged in May of 2011 that the realities of the marketplace have forced a shift in the company’s previous no-GMO’s policy.

Joe Dickson, quality standards coordinator for Whole Foods Markets, notes that GMO’s dominate the market, especially for corn, soy and canola crops from which ingredients in most processed foods are derived. “Until there’s federal government mandated labeling of GMO ingredients, there’s no way to tell if packaged products contain GMO ingredients,” Dickson said. “Our approach is to work in the spirit of partnership with our suppliers … to encourage them to take active steps to avoid GMO ingredients.”

In spite of public skepticism about GMO foods, the FDA has backed Monsanto and other corporations, declaring that modified foods do not require special labeling letting consumers know they are eating Frankenfoods. This is in contract to the European Union, where public concern over health issues resulted in a moratorium on GMO’s. Many European countries, including France, Germany, Greece, Austria and Luxembourg have banned genetically modified foods, while other countries in the EU permit their sale only when products include clear labels of GMO ingredients.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032628_Whole_Foods_GMOs.html#ixzz1OZHYUHOz

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  1. rb says:

    Oh My GOD!! Company’s don’t want us to know what wee are eating. They have no idea of what modified foods will do inside of us. They shoved micro-waves and saccharine down our throats so fast, that we never finished finding out what really happens to the food, so they wish to do the same here.


  2. A lot of my friends shop at Whole Foods and likely have no idea about this information. I’ll pass it along to my friends!


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