Weiner’s Use of Government Resources for Inappropriate Activities, Cover Up Disqualify Him from Continued Service


Thomas J. Basile



Albany, NY…June 7, 2011–New York State Republican Party Chairman Edward F. Cox released the following statement today reiterating his call for Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign in light of revelations he used government resources for his inappropriate personal activities and the subsequent cover up:

“During his press conference yesterday, even while apologizing for not telling the truth, the Congressman evaded a question about his use of government resources to conduct these inappropriate personal activities. Now, reports today confirm that Weiner did in fact use his government office, staff and related resources to have encounters of a sexual nature and cover up his activities.

It is clear that Congressman Weiner has not acted as required by House Rules – “in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” Congressman Weiner should spare our government and the American people the high costs and distraction of further investigation in this matter. He should step down forthwith.”

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