Glenn Beck – Left hilariously defends Weiner

Joy Behar, Media Matters, Daily Kos, Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews (who suggested Weiner did this because of his wife) and a host of others were either defending Weiner or taking it easy on him. Would they have done that to someone on the other side of the aisle? Barbara Walters in particular went way out of her way to conjure up a possible theory that would actually make Weiner’s wife happy he sent those pictures of his private parts. Yeah, she really did that – Glenn Beck has the audio on radio today.

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1 Response to Glenn Beck – Left hilariously defends Weiner

  1. rb says:

    What he does in his bed, is his business. What he does with our tax dollars, is our business. If he broke a promise to his wife, that’s their business. If he broke an oath to our country, that’s our business. The dumbass should have owned it from the start. Every action since has been a demonstration of his dishonesty. That is our business. He should go.


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