Besieging the Israeli Border: A Syrian Production

I have had conservative, supposed informed Americans tell me Israelis are slaughtering the poor refugees…I can not understand how they can be so stupid and so uninformed!

Several hundred Palestinian and Syrian rioters rushed the border with Israel near the Golan Heights on Sunday, causing the Israeli Defense Forces to open fire to prevent infiltration of the Jewish State.

Other, smaller protests broke out in several places on the West Bank on what the Palestinians refer to as “Naksa Day,” or “Day of the Setback” — referring to the first day of the 1967 War. While the US State Department defended Israel’s absolute right of self-defense, it is clear that the series of protests were orchestrated by the Syrian government, whom the IDF believes was staging the riots in order to deflect attention from President Bashir Assad’s murderous crackdown on protesters in his own country.

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