Chaffetz vs. Sunstein

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You’ve heard Glenn refer to Cass Sunstein as the most dangerous man in America, but why? Because he has fingerprints all over everything and he’s out to change the country without having to pass a single law. And after the administration said they were working under the radar to ban guns, Congressman Jason Chaffetz was the only person to confront the man who could make it happen.
“Now, there’s a couple of things that you need to know about this. First of all, the president has had a conversation with Mrs. Brady. What’s her name, Sarah Brady? James Brady is the guy who was shot during the Reagan assassination, and he has gone for, or she has gone for major gun control,” Glenn explained. “So she came up to President Obama and they were talking and she said, what are you doing on gun control? And his quote ‑‑ his quote is that he is working on gun control. Let me get the exact thing. ‘I want you to know that we’re working on it, but we have to go through a few processes but under the radar’,” Glenn explained.
“Now, what are the processes? I can tell you. It’s Cass Sunstein, the most dangerous man in America. Because it’s all under the radar. They can pass a law, but the guy who writes the regulation is the one that you have to worry about. This is the way it happens in every communist country. It’s the regulation that kills you. That’s where Cass Sunstein comes in,” Gelnn said.
So what did Chaffetz say to Sunstein?

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