Yes We Can!…Convicted Islamist Who Threatened “South Park” Creators Was Obama Campaign Worker

Jim Hoft on Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yes we can.

Convicted Islamist Zachary Chesser was an Obama campaign worker.
The radical Islamist convicted this week to 25 years in prison for threatening the “South Park” cartoon creators was an Obama campaign volunteer.
The Smoking Gun reported:

The radicalized knucklehead convicted of threatening the lives of the “South Park” creators signed up as a volunteer for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, but by the time Election Day arrived he had concluded it would be a violation of Islamic law to vote in the U.S. election, according to court records.
Wannabe jihadi Zachary Chesser, 21, was sentenced earlier this year to 25 years in federal prison following his guilty plea to making the “South Park” threats as well as providing material support to terrorists (in this case the Somali guerilla group Al-Shabaab).
Chesser, pictured in the mug shot at right, has cooperated with FBI agents and helped prosecutors building a case against Jessie Curtis Morton, with whom Chesser operated the extremist Revolution Muslim web site. Morton was named last week in a felony criminal complaint charging him with threatening the lives of Matt Stone and Trey Parker over a “South Park” episode that included the Prophet Muhammad dressed in a bear suit.

The radical Islamic website threatened the South Park creators after they show Mohammad in a bearsuit.

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