Gouging or standard operating proceedures for the welfare state of New York? State paid $48K for $15K wheelchair

motorized wheelchair four

Thirty-seven thousand dollars ought to buy anyone a nice set of wheels. But when they’re just attached to a chair, someone’s being fleeced, a New York state audit charges.
That is the average price a New York state-funded insurance plan was charged for 79 motorized wheelchairs, auditors from the Office of the State Comptroller found. The price included an average markup of $20,000. In one case the price was $48,000 for a chair that cost the supplier $15,000, the audit found.
Despite the Lexus-level sticker shock, advocates for the disabled say they have heard of such high prices. “These wheelchairs can be as complex as cars,” said Joseph Campanella, executive director of the Home Care Council of New York City.

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