Ryan defends Medicare overhaul, argues that GOP plan would grow economy

Hold their feet to the fire Mr Ryan! This is WHY we elected you and the OTHER FRESHMEN to congress!!! DO NOT LET THE RINO’S STOP YOU !!!!


(Joshua Roberts/ BLOOMBERG ) – Facing a backlash from voters over his proposal to overhaul Medicare, Rep. Paul Ryan, shown here in April, is defending his proposal as a way to grow the economy.

CHICAGO — The architect of the GOP’s controversial Medicare overhaul delivered a forceful defense of the plan here Monday, saying it would empower seniors and accusing President Obama of having a “shared-scarcity mentality” that promotes “bureaucratically rationed health care.”

Facing a backlash from voters over his proposal to turn Medicare into a system that subsidizes health-care coverage for retirees on the private market, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (Wis.) moved to recast the plan as the only one that would make the economy grow. Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/ryan-defends-medicare-overhaul-and-argues-the-gop-plan-would-grow-economy/2011/05/16/AFKrY64G_story.html

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