Obama show his contempt for Texans. This is another example of how Obama hates America. This is an outrage, Federal Government Sends Wildfire Aid To Mexico, Not Texas. Yes, the US is sending Cargo planes to assist Mexico\’s firefighting abilities.

It is all political because Texas is a Red not blue State. Illegals have started the fires in Texas but Obama has failed to address the issue. No disaster aid from the Federal Government is being allotted to Texas. This relief could benefit or give assistance to businesses and people with low interests loans and tax breaks that could help in the rebuilding. Does Obama really hate people who own their own land?

Why was Texas denied FEMA relief?

Over 2.3 million acres have been burnt igniting 9,000 wildfires.

The Texas Forest Service says this of the current wildfire situation,

Red flag warnings have been issued across much of West Texas today with critical fire weather conditions predicted.

Texas Forest Service responded to two (2) large fires yesterday.

They are currently working on seven (7) major fires that span 586,624 acres.

207 of the 254 Texas counties are reporting burn bans.

81% of the State of Texas is under a burn ban.

EXCLUSIVE: Border Community Organizing Petition to Protest Obama\’s Immigration Speech

Satellite images:


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