Sensitive NYPD counterterrorism documents found in trash, posted on Internet

Documents detailing a small part of the city’s counterterrorism plans were plucked from a trash can outside an NYPD building in Midtown – and then posted on the Internet.
The eight-page plan labeled “law enforcement sensitive” spells out the Wednesday assignments for cops in COBRA – the Chemical, Ordinance, Biological and Radiological Unit.
“I was blown away,” said Bucky Turco, who posted the documents on Friday. “I’m shocked this wasn’t shredded and was just sitting there.”
The paperwork details the locations in Times Square where anti-terror cops were deployed to conduct sweeps. It also broke down for police the types of suspicious behavior cops should be looking for when they inspect vehicles.
The list of “indicators” includes sweating, yawning and failure to make eye contact.
The Internet posting came a day after two Queens men were busted in a synagogue bomb plot. Still, the NYPD said the careless disposal of the records didn’t endanger the public.

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