Obama advisor…CNN???….Fareed Zakaria – Obama’s ‘News’ Czar

Revealed: Obama Calls CNN‘s Fareed Zakaria for ’Wisdom & Advice’

Fareed Zakaria is a well respected journalist with a proven track record in both print and broadcast media. As Editor at Large for Time magazine, and on his CNN program Fareed Zakaria GPS, the Indian-American writer/personality has a specific focus on international news issues. So it may come as no surprise to some that he revealed to his CNN cohort Eliot Spitzer that he meets with President Obama to discuss many international issues.

At the end of a smart discussion over the complicated mix of pitfalls and opportunities with regard to U.S. diplomatic relations with Pakistan, Spitzer revealed that he was encouraged to learn that Obama regularly sought the input of his CNN cohort. Zakaria seemed almost embarrassed to admit that, yes, he had met with the president face to face to discuss a number of issues, though Zakaria admitted that he was very impressed with Obama’s focus on improving U.S. diplomatic relations with the Arab world.

Its a rather stunning revelation for a working journalist to admit that he has had private discussions on policy with the sitting U.S. president, something that, to our knowledge, has not been disclosed. While it is very impressive, it does raise some eyebrows over Zakaria’s commentary during his Sunday show.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of CNN:

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