Obama: States NOT ALLOWED to Enforce Immigration Laws

President Obama and the Department of Justice are cracking down on Patriot states combating illegal immigration.

President Obama recently declared that states cannot have their own immigration laws, but what if the states are merely trying to uphold the enforcement of existing, federal immigration law?

Well, its fine if your Utah or pro-Amnesty apparently. The DOJ has yet to file a lawsuit against the Amnesty-lovers in Utah who are now doling out green cards to every illegal immigrant in the state

But if youre a state against illegal immigration, you get slapped in the face with multi-million dollar lawsuits for trying to protect the safety and prosperity of U.S. Citizens against the 12 million illegal immigrants already here.

Must be a coincidence…
A record number of immigration bills have been introduced in state legislatures across the country as local officials given up on waiting for Washington to act and secure the U.S.-Mexico border. At least 22 states have focused on cracking down on illegal immigration as a way to balance state budgets claiming illegal immigration is draining from the state resources meant for citizens.

Arizona is now taking its battle against illegal immigration to the Supreme Court as a last resort to defend itself from the onslaught of illegal immigration that is consuming state resources at every level.

But Washington doesnt care. In fact, Washington is more than happy to drag Patriot states through multiple lawsuits and all the muck they entail just so President Obama can have a shot at holding onto the Oval Office in 2012.

Despite labeling Patriot states as racist, leftwing lobbyists and socialist politicians have been unable to deter Patriot states like Arizona and Georgia from continuing their fight against illegal immigration.

And its up to us to keep these states like Arizona in the ring as long as possible.

Washington is as formidable as a political enemy can get you can bet the feds arent lacking in the resources to target patriot states with YOUR tax dollars.

President Obama is already in campaign mode and has turned a blind eye to one of the biggest issues affecting the daily lives of Americans across the country.

Despite being in office for over two years, he has yet to secure the border regardless of the fact that the majority of U.S. Citizens support tougher legislation on illegal immigration and are likewise SICK AND TIRED of waiting for Congress to act.

The only goal President Obama has in mind is re-election 2012 and he is ready to take drastic measures. Instead of enacting real immigration reform that does not include Amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants/Obama 2012 supporters, the Obama Administration has focused on delaying deportation of illegal immigrants, honor roll students and criminal alike.

President Obama belittles Patriots everywhere by saying we wont be happy until there is a moat filled with alligators to protect the U.S.-Mexico border.

Its time to force all of Washington to not only listen, but to act and SECURE OUR BORDER TODAY!So far, Congress has blocked Obamas freedom crushing plans to grant Amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants. But, by abusing the Executive Order loop-hole, he can get away with giving even more illegal immigrants a free pass into our country without even going to Congress first.

And without your help now, along with the help of thousands of other vigilant and informed citizen voters, Congress won’t act to defend the integrity of American citizenship. Contrary to what they might believe, the truth is this: Congress works for us. And we won’t rest until they’re WORKING HARD to stop Obama’s assault on our Constitution.

Unless you and I compel Congress to act TODAY, Amnesty for illegals will soon be Executive Ordered by Barack Obama giving millions more a free pass to hop across the border into our country and legally establish themselves within OUR BORDERS.

Help us mobilize common sense, patriotic Americans against this travesty! The Obama Administration’s plan for mass Amnesty MUST BE STOPPED!!

Thanks to Americans like you, who care about the safety and future of our country, there is mounting pressure to stop Obama. But it will take the lead of an emboldened Senate to turn up the pressure. THEY MUST HEAR LOUDLY FROM PATRIOTS LIKE YOU!

Time is running out as soon as President Obama sees an opportunity to further himself by granting Amnesty to EVERY illegal immigrant, he will do just that.

P.S. Please, remember what is at stake the security, the safety, the sovereignty, the prosperity very possibly the very survival of not just Americans along our increasingly embattled border, but America herself. BLAST FAX CONGRESS TODAY!

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  1. Call Me Mom says:

    The SCOTUS is not the last resort of the states. There are many ways for the states to control the Feds. One way would be for the states to collect federal taxes themselves and use those collected taxes to pay for the services(like immigration enforcement) that the feds refuse. Another is nullification. Yet another is what Arizona and others are currently doing, acting in the spirit of the “Lesser Magistrate Doctrine”. This is a doctrine that says that if the higher authority refuses to enforce the law or abuses the authority with which they have been entrusted, it is the duty of a “lesser magistrate” (in this case the states) to do the right thing regardless of the actions of that higher authority.

    We the People are both the grantors of Federal power and the ultimate lesser magistrate in the enforcement of our Constitution by virtue of our status as sovereign individuals.


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