ANOTHER MOSLEM ATTEMPT TO CRASH PLANE TONIGHT! Passenger Detained After Trying to Open Door on Flight to Boston

Passenger Detained After Trying to Open Door on Flight to Boston

BOSTON, Mass. — A man was detained by fellow passengers after he tried to open an emergency exit door mid-flight on a Delta flight from Orlando to Boston, reports.

It’s unclear why the passenger tried to open the emergency door.

An off-duty police officer subdued the passenger and held him while the plane completed its flight to Boston, according to Susan Elliot, Delta Air Lines Inc. spokeswoman.

Massachusetts State Police confirm they received a call from Delta Airlines operations concerning the passenger and are standing by to meet the plane at Logan Airport, reports.

This in-flight scare comes soon after an incident two days ago when a Yemeni man was subdued after allegedly ramming the cockpit door on an American Airlines flight from Chicago to San Francisco.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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