May 10, 2011

Washington Times and Washington Examiner Highlight MRC’s ‘DisHonors Awards’

EXCLUSIVE: Government Paid Millions to Vaccine-Injured Kids 

A New York Fireman and Osama’s Death,1518,761526,00.html

Iran Training “Sleeper” Terrorists in Venezuela?

“Lula” and Barack’s Common Marxist Ties

Peru About to Fall to Socialism? Brazil Pushes Hard

TV Networks Promote ‘Evangelical’ Islamists

Liz Cheney: It Troubles Me That Obama Compares Bin Laden to US Soldiers

Flashback: Obama Allows Photos Dead U.S. Troops Returning From Afghan and Iraq Wars…

Media Manipulation? The Majority of American Media Outlets Fail to Report the Yemeni Passenger Was Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as He Attempted to Storm the Cockpit Door – Video Examples of Newscasts From Around the Country

Crew Subdues Man Banging on Cockpit in Flight

Another flight story – ‘Flying imams’ havent decided on lawsuit in Delta incident – SEE ABOVE – islamist constantly disrupt flights, this is just they current one. Two happened yesterday and the “flying imams” pulled a similar stunt the day before…

And now number 4 in three days: 4 Arrested After Suspicious Incident At Denver International Airport

Palestinian man sentenced for false immigration document

Holder renews promise to close Gitmo


AND THEN THERE’S THIS – The bill would require DOD and DNI to study the national security implications of borrowing money from China to finance a military force large enough to confront Beijing if the need arose. It’s a response to both the obvious irony and the fact that several U.S. leaders – most notably Mullen – have characterized the nation’s ballooning federal debt as a national security threat.

SPEAKING OF DON’T ASK, conservatives are buzzing about the news that the Navy’s guidance for handling the repeal would allow chaplains to perform same-sex marriages on base. HASC Seapower Subcommittee Chairman Todd Akin organized a letter from 63 lawmakers to Mabus declaring the action illegal and saying they will address the issue at Wednesday’s markup.

Rival Currencies Take Aim at Dollar’s Dominance,1518,761398,00.html

Turkish Demonstrators Burn Israeli & American Flags During Mock bin Laden Burial

Chilling Footage: Syrian Forces Arrest Hundreds of Activists in House-to-House Raids

Obama’s bounce will vanish soon

Gallup: Bush Got Bigger Bounce for Catching Saddam Than Obama Got for Killing Bin Laden

Osama Hated “The Great Satan” United States…But Apparently Loved Our Products
Pepsi…Coke…Vaseline…Nestle Chocolate Milk…was a fan of Noam Chomsky & Jimmy Carter’s Palestinian book…also was reportedly growing marijuana

Plea deal near in threats against former President Bush

China launches probe into child trafficing due to poulation control policy

Interview with Nazi War Crimes Prosecutor ‘I Have Never Seen Remorse’,1518,761639,00.html

Maine Senate candidate calls on Olympia Snowe to resign in face of husband’s scandal

Democrats Warn That Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan Would Reduce Federal Health Care Spending

HHS Secretary Sebelius: Under Ryan’s Medicare Plan, Seniors Will “Die Sooner”

Amtrak Turns 40…Called a ‘Massive Failure’ by its Founder

No guarantees on train safety

Dem Sen. Schumer’s New Security Plan: A ‘No-Ride List’ for Amtrak

French enviromentalists want to ban “Fracking”

‘Post-Fossil-Fuel World’ Includes Farming With Oxen

Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state
Huh. I thought that was called “Mexico.”

FBI Sent ‘Agitator’ Saul Alinsky’s File to the Secret Service After He Warned of Threat to LBJ

Quinnipiac: 60% Voters Prefer Medicare Status Quo to Subsidized Private Insurance

So How Are Kids Reacting to Osama bin Laden’s Death? Let’s Ask Them…

Tens of others? Try 3,000 Americans…Scripted? Students? Noooooooo Is this Obama Campaign audio?

So THAT’s how Michelle gets those arms! First Lady’s one-armed push-up with Dominique Dawes and Michelle Kwan on White House lawn

Obama to honor rapper who sings about cop killing

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Announce Separation After 25-Year Marriage

From Israel: Celebrating at 63           ’s New Video Sensation Celebrating Israel’s Birthday!            

Will Muslim Brotherhood succeed where Osama bin Laden failed?

New Egypt’s revealed future foreign policy shift confirms fears of disregard for U.S., Israel

Update: Jewish Paper Apologizes for Cutting Hillary Out of Iconic WH Image

Emergency Alert System Expected for Cellphones

Seen on the internet:
Speaking of the Bible, this Bible cover just arrived

Man airlifted after fight with cat

Here’s what happens when the police subpoena your facebook

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