Tenn: DOJ submits teachers, principals, police to Muslim “sensitivity” training

More DOJ dawah. How is this not unconstitutional? Taxation for Islamization. via School Leaders Trained On Muslim Bullying – Nashville News Story – WSMV Nashville.

Murfreesboro school teachers and principals are receiving training on how to deal with bullying and understanding the Muslim culture.

Islamic Center of Murfreesboro member Saleh Sbenaty said two of his three children have been victims of bullying in school.

“My son, you know, one time was called a terrorist, and my daughter was also called a communist,” Sbenaty said.

There are 300-350 Muslim students attending Murfreesboro city schools and Rutherford County schools, but only a handful have reported being bullied.

“We are estimating about 15 cases,” said Sbenaty.

Murfreesboro City Schools Director Linda Gilbert said bullying of Muslim students is not a big problem.

“No, we are really taking this as a proactive stance, so we are using it for prevention and really to gain knowledge,” said Gilbert.

That’s one of the reasons the U.S. Justice Department and U.S. attorney’s office held a sensitivity training workshop. The controversy and backlash surrounding a proposed mosque is another reason.

“Our children … are the innocent, are victims of attacks both verbal and physical,” said Lobna Ismail of Connecting Cultures.

While the children may be innocent, the same cannot be said of the adults perpetuating victimhood status as they force everyone around them to submit to their Islamic whims.

The cultural awareness training was developed by Connecting Cultures and the Unity Productions Foundation. Teachers, principals, community leaders and police learned about stereotypes of American Muslims.

Did they learn about the intentionally deceptive stereotype that Islam is a religion of peace?

“It’s miscommunication or misunderstanding of another culture,” said Hanan Kuzit of the Islamic Center of Nashville.

Islamic center leaders said there was not a big problem with bullying two years ago. It wasn’t until they decided to build a new mosque that the isolated cases started to happen, they said.

“We thank both the school systems because they are doing such a good job,” Sbenaty said. “We feel these are isolated incidents, but bullying and harassment in schools are unacceptable at any level.”

When will the DOJ address the nation about the constant Islamo-bullying of Hamas-linked CAIR? Oh that’s right, the DOJ refused to indict CAIR despite mounting evidence of terrorist associations.

The DOJ appears to have a vested interest in spreading Islam in Tennessee, so much so hey DOJ filed a legal brief in support of a Tenn. mosque.


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