AZ Illegal Immigrant Households Receive Most Welfare

Sixty-two percent of immigrant households with children in Arizona use at least one welfare program, edging out Texas, California and New York, all with about 61 percent, based on census data for 2009. In comparison, nearly 39 percent of native households with children in Arizona use at least one welfare program.

Nationwide, the report found that immigrant household with children use welfare programs much more often than native households with children, 57 percent compared to 39 percent. The same report from the Center for Immigration Studies also found that households headed by illegal immigrants used welfare programs more often than households headed by legal immigrants – 71 percent compared to 52 percent.

The report included welfare benefits received by U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants in the immigrant-household category. In general, legal immigrants must wait five years before they are eligible for welfare benefits. Possible reasons for the disparity in the use of welfare programs are attributed to lower education levels, not an unwillingness to work. In conclusion: securing the U.S.-Mexico border, cracking down on illegal immigrants, and adopting more selective immigration policies would help reduce welfare use and save A LOT of taxpayer dollars.

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