The Secret of OZ, Voted the Best Documentary of 2010 at the Benoit International Film Festival

Also it was awarded the Silver Sierra Award at the Yosemite Film Festival in 2009


We all know the wonderful Wizard of Oz created by L. Frank Baum, through the movie starring Judy Garland but did you know the real message that it tells.

A reporter, Bill Still created a film, The Secret of OZ, which is 1hr 56min 25sec that will give an education that I (IMHO) do think you can get anywhere.

Before you say you do not have the time for this education, check out the trailer:

                                                      it is only 4 minutes and maybe you can afford that much time to find out what you never knew.

When you watch the full version, you will hear what the Bankers said in 1892 United States Bankers Magazine about keeping us involved in “political antagonisms” 1:01;05 … “By dividing the electorate this way, we’ll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever.” Can you relate to what has been occurring in the US today?

This will make you think about what Greenspan and Bernake have been doing and for who’s benefit.

My comment is, the head bankers of every country is guilty of treason against their respective country and should be taken out and shot.

The Fed definitely must be eliminated and the big banks must be allowed to fail.

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