University of Iowa Professor Sends Vulgar Email to College Republicans: FU** YOU!

Another case of “call me Professor, I worked hard for that title”, in the email that Ms. Ginty sent complaining about my language, she referred to me as Ellen, not Professor Lewin, which is the correct way for a student to address a faculty member”. Suck it up woman!

H/T Jared Law:
It’s amazing how…unbalanced the radicals seem to become when Republicans, with a minority of Tea Party Republicans in their midst, take back one-half of a third of government power.

Just think how ridiculous they would look, and how they would expose themselves as radical, hatemongering nutjobs (precisely what they accuse us of being), if we attempted to restore America.

It makes one salivate for 2012; when the left acts like this, it helps expose who they are to the majority of Americans who don’t know what’s going one, and helps them realize just how normal, and how much like those uneducated Americans, the Tea Party/9.12 Project movement really is! Hopefully they’ll appreciate and learn what we know, and come to realize how valuable our movement is to their future, and that of their children and grandchildren…

Posted on April 21, 2011 at 8:52am by Jonathon M. Seidl

logoTheBlazeFlame.gifWhen the College Republican club at the University of Iowa sent out a university-approved blast e-mail regarding its “Conservative Coming out Week,” one professor took umbrage with it. And she let the group know it with three some simple words: “Fu** You Republicans!”

Ellen Lewin, a professor of Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies, was outraged at the club‘s playful rundown of the week’s events, which included a friendly blood drive competition between Rupublicans and Democrats “for a good cause.”

The e-mail, with Lewin’s initial response, is below, via the Iowa Republican (click on the image to see an enlarged version):

Lewin’s response was sent via her official University of Iowa e-mail account and included her official university title in her signature.

“We understand that as a faculty member she has the right to express her political opinion, but by leaving her credentials at the bottom of the email she was representing the University of Iowa, not herself alone,” Natalie Ginty, University of Iowa student and chairwoman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans, wrote to James Enloe, the head of the Department of Anthropology.

Lewin did offer an apology, but it came with multiple disclaimer:

“This is a time when political passions are inflamed, and when I received your unsolicited email, I had just finished reading some newspaper accounts of fresh outrages committed by Republicans in government. I admit the language was inappropriate, and apologize for any affront to anyone’s delicate sensibilities. I would really appreciate your not sending blanket emails to everyone on campus, especially in these difficult times.”

The Iowa Republican notes that the group did not choose the distribution list, the e-mail was school-sanctioned, and it met the guidelines for mass e-mailings.

Lewin eventually sent another response bashing the GOP’s “general disdain” for [so-called] LGBT rights:

I should note that several things in the original message were extremely offensive, nearly rising to the level of obscenity. Despite the Republicans’ general disdain for LGBT rights you called your upcoming event “conservative coming out day,” appropriating the language of the LGBT right movement. Your reference to the Wisconsin protests suggested that they were frivolous attempts to avoid work. And the “Animal Rights BBQ” is extremely insensitive to those who consider animal rights an important cause. Then, in the email that Ms. Ginty sent complaining about my language, she referred to me as Ellen, not Professor Lewin, which is the correct way for a student to address a faculty member, or indeed, for anyone to refer to an adult with whom they are not acquainted. I do apologize for my intemperate language, but the message you all sent out was extremely disturbing and offensive.

The controversy prompted a blast e-mail response from University of Iowa President Sally Mason blasting Lewin’s “intolerant and disrespectful discord,“ calling it ”not acceptable behavior:”

Dear Members of the University Community:

The University of Iowa encourages freedom of expression, opposing viewpoints, and civil debate about those opposing viewpoints. This is clearly articulated in our core values of Diversity and Respect. Because diversity, broadly defined, advances its mission of teaching, research, and service, the University is dedicated to an inclusive community in which people of different cultural, national, individual, and academic backgrounds encounter one another in a spirit of cooperation, openness, and shared appreciation.

The University also strongly encourages student engagement in such discussions and supports students acting on their viewpoints. Student organizations are sometimes formed along political lines and act on their political beliefs. Even if we personally disagree with those viewpoints, we must be respectful of those viewpoints in every way. Intolerant and disrespectful discord is not acceptable behavior.

Sally Mason

According to the Iowa Republican, Lewin is the author of the books titled, Inventing Lesbian Cultures in America, and Gay Fatherhood: Narratives of Family and Citizenship in America.

Gateway Pundit might have summed it up best: “You’ve gotta love it. She tells them to “f**k off” then lectures them on civility during these ‘difficult times.’”

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  1. a12iggymom says:

    @Yale Cohn – sorry it took so long to approve but I wanted to listen to the show in entirety before hand. Thanks.


  2. Yale Cohn says:

    Here’s an interview with University of Iowa Professors Timothy Hagle and Kembrew McLeod, Matt Sowada, the conservative co-host of the political talk radio show American Reason on KRUI, and Rod Sullivan from the Johnson County Board of Supervisors about Professor Ellen Lewin’s “F— You, Republicans!” email response to the University of Iowa College Republicans campus-wide invite for people to participate in “Conservative Coming Out Week.”


  3. randy crawford says:

    My, my. Isn’t it horrible to discuss Iowa City’s and the University’s homosexual mafia. They have so much to conceal, and they have spent so many years working hard to develop and infiltrate their racket so that millions of Iowa suckers won’t know how their money is being used to make the “University” of Iowa into the racket’s personal perverted playground. We shouldn’t notice that Ellen Lewin actively stifles freedom of speech. Lesbians are special people, and they have special rights. We shouldn’t notice nursing professors pressuring available nursing students into becoming their personal lesbian whores and passing them around between nursing professors who are ‘of the liberated lesbian sisterhood.’ We shouldn’t look at lesbian Anne Cleary blackmailing an already unstable Lu Gang to the point he grabbed a gun and committed the Nov. 1991 mass murders (cf. Deadly Scholarship by Edwin Chen). We shouldn’t look into the Iowa City (sort of) police and local perverted government actively covering up and lying about how Eric Shaw was shot through the heart. And we especially shouldn’t look at a homo like Steve Sueppel being blackmailed by area homos, embezzling over half a million, and then on the eve of a trial bludgeoning his wife and adopted kids to death in their beds. No, no, no. We the anesthetized Iowa munchkins should let the hirelings of the homosexual mafia take care of everything and do all our thinking for us. Like, for instance, the Iowa City (sort of) Police insisting, less than 48 hours after the Sueppel murder victims were found, that the case was instantly and magically somehow known to be “all a big mystery, and we don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of it.” What they couldn’t get to the bottom of was telling Iowa City what are the consequences of letting homosexuals run the university and run the town. So, Ellen Lewin’s case is in comparison small potatoes indeed. The only thing her homo and lesbian bosses will want to do is pretend to conduct and inquiry and make sure her job is kept open for her. We can’t have the little taxpayers realize how much tax money is wasted on university homosexual promotion priorities.


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