This is just plain crazy!! Where are the fiscally moderate democrats while this is going on???

43,759.51 per second…..

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 10:16 AM PDT

Shocking, amazing, the Federal Government accumulates an additional $43,759.51 of debt every second, every second. This is what the average American earns per year before taxes.

I encourage everyone to check out the Federal debt at and watch it for one minute. After watching for one minute, ask yourself two questions: Does the United States Federal Government have a spending problem? Should Congress vote to raise the debt ceiling?

I cannot imagine anyone would not want, better yet, demand the drastic cuts that are needed to slow the clock, and raising the debt ceiling to allow even more borrowing is going to make the debt clock go faster.

Democrats and our Campaigner-in-Chief are hell bent on using scare tactics and baseless rhetoric to achieve their goal, raise taxes.

In yesterdays speech on Facebook, the President calls “their” plan “radical” and not “particularly courageous”. It’s a sad state of affairs that every time the President speaks that I am finding myself going to to find out what is the truth and what is yet another scare tactic or complete untruth. It’s ridiculous and sad that there is not enough faith in what our country’s leader says because he has not kept the promises he made to the American people. read more »

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