The entire world has lost it’s collective mind

Bolivia Pushes U.N. for ‘Mother Earth’ Treaty

Bolivia has asked the United Nations to give “Mother Earth” the same rights as humans.Officials from the South American nation believe that humans have dominated and exploited the earth.”If you want to have balance, and you think that the only (entities) who have rights are humans or companies, then how can you reach balance? But if you recognize that nature too has rights, and (if you provide) legal forms to protect and preserve those rights, then you can achieve balance,” Bolivia’s U.N. ambassador told Postmedia News. The proposed treaty would give the earth the right to life, pure water and clean air. It could also restrict businesses like mining.The document also calls on the U.N. to establish a so-called “Ministry of Mother Earth.” The Mother Earth treaty is heavily influenced by Bolivia’s spiritual worldview in which an earth deity called “Pachamama” is at the center of life.

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