Witty Rushisms…

Shutdown Sob Stories Abound as Obama Skips Town with Sharpton: Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens dead in the streets if budget passes.

Free the Democrat Plantation’s Government Slaves!
They get their power by keeping people dependent.

“We are at the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and we are still trying to free the slaves from the Democrat Party. Yeah. I do look at it that way.” Rush

Obama Says GOP Will Shut Down Yellowstone Park and “the Economy”

We are Here Because Democrats Didn’t Pass a Budget For the Last Two Years
The Democrats desperately WANT this shutdown, ’cause they think you’ll blame the GOP.

“If anybody dies because of government action, it will not be because of Republican budgets. It will be because of Obamacare: the unconstitutional health plan that’s now the law of the land.” -Rush

Civility, Unions? Reform Only “Over Thousands of Dead Bodies”

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