Please spread it around since the lapdog pets in the media won’t


Confirmed: Islamist Sent Letter Attached to Bloody Pig’s Foot to Peter King, “Kiss My Black Muslim Ass, White Bitches Will Soon Be Naming Their Sons Mohammed”

Anyone who took “Islamist” over “leftist” in the original post please stand up to claim your prize.

(NY Post)– The threatening package containing a bloody pig’s foot sent to Rep. Pete King (R-LI) was as much a racist assault as it was religious hate mail, The Post has learned.
The rambling note accompanying the porcine parcel proclaimed that ”white bitches” would soon be naming their sons Mohammed, said a Capitol Hill source.
The note contained anti-Semitic slurs, called the pig’s foot a “Jew foot,” taunted ”kiss my black Muslim ass,” and said King — who is Catholic — was targeted because of hearings he held on the radicalization of Muslim Americans.
King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, received numerous threats over the hearings and has been getting additional security.
The congressman’s office would not comment on the threatening package other than to say it was cooperating with the investigation and referred questions to the Capitol Police.

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    Ah, more threats from you? Do not worry, they have been forwarded to the appropriate authorites… thanks for making the point, islam is not peaceful in the slightest…


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