Investigation Continues In New York Into Email Terror Threats

Authorities continue to investigate emails sent to lawmakers, Friday. Those emails threatened violence against, not only politicians, but wealthy citizens, news reporters and even school children.
The emails were entitled “Time to Kill” and were written by an anonymous author who said he wants to provoke terrorism in New York State from the inside. He claims to be a state employee.
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From the email “My group is going to do everything possible to provoke terrorist attacks on New York by Al-Qaida and by Tea Party nut cases and by religious extremists, lone wolves and anyone else who can be provoked into picking up a gun. We want to create anarchy,”

From the Mason County Daily News (additional quotes from email threat)
“If we attack a school bus full of kids, it may have no effect on the hardened criminals who rule Albany, but it will put the public in an uproar. Our goal is to create anarchy. You’ll have to kill us to stop us,” the message read.
The writer refers to “one legislator who should immediately recognize” the author because they spoke three years ago and “I spoke to him in person and warned him about these very topics, including the school attacks.”
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We discussed the threat of school bus terrorism a few years ago and the threat still exists. You can read the article here.

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  1. Jenkins says:

    How can criminals become state employees. Don’t tell me this guy has been recruited by some criminal organization only after employment. See this kind of situations call for corresponding measures, specifically, mandatory background checks new york on all future employees. This will ensure at least some security that the system won’t get corrupted and organizations can’t act from inside our government.


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