“Inspire” Magazine with AQAP commander Abu Hurairah al-Sana’ani


(Inspire Magazine): “An Interview with Shaykh Abu Hurairah as-Sana’ani, the Military Commander of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP – Yemen) has released the fifth issue of its English-language “Inspire” Magazine. In an interview with AQAP commander Abu Hurairah al-Sana’ani, al-Sana’ani was asked “why the government of al-Saud is a legitimate target for the mujahidin?” He responded, “The government of al-Saud in the land of the Haramain is adopting a war on the pure Islam and replacing it with an Islam that is pleasing to the West until it was credited by them and praised much. They have exhausted all of their abilities to wage war on the mujahidin, and have set themselves as a new shield for the Jews and Americans just as their history is a witness to their stances that have even exceeded the Americans in the protection of the Israeli Jews in the beloved land of Palestine.” (Read More)

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