Email Threats Giffords-Style Attack on New York Lawmakers
Albany, NY (WBEN) — State Police in the Capitol region are investigating a series of threatening emails that were sent to numerous state and local lawmakers in Albany on Friday.

The emails are “similar in content,” according to investigators. Troopers are not officially releasing any further information, citing the sensitivity of the investigation.

But an Albany-area television station obtained a copy of the email Friday evening, from Assemblyman James Tedisco. (Click here read the entire text of the email, courtesy of WTEN-TV).

In it, the writer expresses outrage over government power, and the perceived arrogance of politicians and those who support them. The person threatens a mass-shooting like the one in Tucson earlier this year, in which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was critically wounded and several other people, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl, were killed.

“It is obvious to me that the wealthy in this country are so well insulated that nothing will pull them off task and that, in order to deal with them, I need to incite people to violence. In a day where those in power are bold enough to eliminate labor unions and the government conducts surveillance on Americans whenever they speak out, the response must be violence,” the email opens.

The author claims to work in a state office, and promises to exploit that connection.

“I personally am going to use my position and contacts in State government to gather information about the vulnerabilities of public and private targets in New York. The idiots that I work with don’t have the slightest idea about my extracurricular activities,” the writer says.

“There is one legislator who should immediately recognize the writer of this message because 3 years ago, I spoke to him in person and warned him about these very topics, including the school attacks. But you know what – I bet he wasn’t paying attention. We’re going to get his attention,”
the person taunts.

The writer also threatens to attack school busses full of children, as a way to create a public uproar, and says that print and broadcast journalists who “do the bidding for those in power and side against unions and the working class in favor of pro-corporate nonsense” will be targeted, as well.

The message ends with a chilling reference to the Tucson shooting.

“Come visit my agency. Give me a chance to pull a Gabby Giffords.”

Investigators are now trying to trace the obscure Yahoo account from which the messages were sent.

Trooper Maureen Tuffey, the public information officer for State Police Troop G, would not comment Friday on whether additional security is being provided to legislators.


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