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EXCLUSIVE: Should Kagan Recuse from Health Cases? Internal DOJ Emails Raise Questions
( – Emails that the Justice Department has provided to in response to a Freedom of Information Act request raise questions about whether Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan ought to recuse herself from judging the lawsuits challenging President Obama’s health-care law.

Sen. Graham: Secure the Border First, Then ‘I’m More Than Willing To Give Legal Status’ to Illegal Aliens Already Here
Washington ( – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday repeated his contention that birthright citizenship should be denied to children of illegal aliens. “Our policy on citizenship makes no sense to me at all,” he said.

Hoyer: Tea Party Republicans Acting Like ‘Dictators’ on Budget Negotiations
Washington ( – House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said that conservative Republicans who oppose anything less than the significant budget cuts they promised their constituents are acting like “dictators” and are to blame for stalled budget negotiations. Harkening back to the government shutdown of 1996, Hoyer blamed what he called the “perfectionist caucus” for refusing to compromise, then and now.

HUD Secretary: No Other President in History ‘Better Understands’ Need for Public Housing Than Obama
( – Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan says no other president “better understands” the need for public housing than President Obama: “Barack Obama didn’t come to Washington to let your homes be sold off to the highest bidder…and neither did I,” he told the National Low Income Housing Coalition conference. “Let’s not forget that President Obama got his first job out of school community organizing on the South Side of Chicago in public housing.”
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U.S. Muslims Shouldn’t Talk With FBI Unless They Have a Lawyer, Activist Tells Senators
( – A Muslim civil rights activist told Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) that she stands by the advice posted on her Web site that tells Muslims not to speak with the FBI or other law enforcement personnel unless a lawyer is present. Kyl said he was “stunned” that Farhana Khera, president and executive director of Muslim Advocates, would “issue those kind of instructions,” given the importance of cooperation from American Muslims to help thwart terror attacks.

Obama’s Actions on U.S. Energy Production ‘Diametrically’ Opposed to His Rhetoric, Says Natural Resources Chairman
Washington ( – President Barack Obama speaks a good game about expanding U.S. energy production but his actions contradict his words, said Rep. Richard “Doc” Hastings (R-Wash.), chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, who added that Obama’s actions show he “is not in favor of expanding American energy production and creating American jobs.”

U.N. Religious ‘Defamation’ Resolution is Not Dead, Says Islamic Bloc
( – A U.N. Human Rights Council decision last week to pass a resolution on combating intolerance based on religion dropped Muslim states’ cherished concept of “defamation” of religion, drawing widespread praise. But the Islamic bloc has made it clear that its controversial defamation resolutions passed in earlier years remain valid.

Alqaeda links itself to Libyan war
According to the SITE Institute, which monitors radical Internet sites, the publication features a report by radical AQAP cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki on the “tsunami” washing across the Arab world, one that Awlaki said al-Qaeda viewed with elation.
“I wonder whether the West is aware of the upsurge of mujahideen activity in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Arabia, Algeria, and Morocco?” it quoted Awlaki as saying.
Earlier this month a senior Libyan terrorist in Osama bin Laden’s network, Abu Yahya al-Libi, released a video clip in which he claimed al-Qaeda had inspired the rebellion in Libya.
“Al-Libi called on Libyans to follow the example of Sidi Omar al-Mukhtar, the Libyan national hero who led the resistance against Italian occupation in the 1920s,” the Jamestown Institute’s Terrorism Monitor reported on March 17.
It said al-Libi had warned the rebels fighting Muammar Gaddafi that “retreating will mean decades of harsher oppression and greater injustices than what you have endured [so far].”
The report said al-Libi had also warned the rebels, who were then on the defensive, not to surrender weapons to regime forces, but rather to stockpile them for future use.
“The Libyan militant mocked U.S. expressions of sympathy for the rebels, saying that al-Qaeda had shattered the ‘barrier of fear’ that had restrained Muslims from rising against their governments: “There is no dignity without cost, and no dignity without sacrifice,” the Terrorism Monitor reported.

Responding to a question by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) regarding concerns about possible al-Qaeda involvement, U.S. Navy Admiral James Stavridis told the Senate Armed Services Committee that NATO was “examining very closely the content, composition, the personalities, who are the leaders of these opposition forces.”

We have seen flickers (al-Qaeda, Hezbollah ) in the intelligence of potential al-Qaeda, Hezbollah – we’ve seen different things but at this point I don’t have detail sufficient to say that there’s a significant al-Qaeda presence or any other terrorist presence in and among these folks,” he continued.

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  1. Francis says:

    For decades now the American taxpayers have been supporting illegal aliens without their knowledge or prior permission. Including this immigration invasion are six stealth amnesties. Its well documented that Billions of dollars have been swallowed up in welfare, while at least 45 billion dollars leave this country in wire transfers. It blatantly obvious that neither the Liberal-Democrats or the Republican intend to stop this parody of our laws. For the Lib-Democrats its more votes, for Republicans its discount labor. The TEA PARTY is the only true remedy to halt the illegal alien occupation, and would strengthen our laws. Underneath this camouflage of both parties is a kind of shadow government. In a ominous dark corner is the billionaire George Soros and his far Leftist-Socialist-Marxist agenda, competing with the Republican who are the pawns of their benefactors the mega corporations.. The membership of the TEA PARTY is YOU–the ordinary people, comprising of the dissatisfied, American people. Both parties are to blame for this deadlock and the failure to enforce the laws because of the extreme special interest lobbyists.Every immigration tool such as E-Verify, Secure Communities and 287 (g) police laws must be permanent, with painful fines, lose of assets and prison for business owners. In Arizona the new model of policing laws has sent thousands hurriedly leaving the State. I proves that their restriction policies are working. Other States had better get their own legislators to action, or they will be swamped with economic illegal workers and families?

    You have seen the power of TEA PARTY, as currently the new politicians refuse to bow down to the Sen. Harry Reid’s or majority speaker John Boehner who are willing to compromise over cutting $10 billion dollars from the US deficit. The Tea Party will not sanction this controversy issue and will stand their ground, in the same old “Business as Usual” diatribe, even if the the US Government has to close down. Republicans have been infiltrated by honest, sincere party members, including lawmakers who have deserted the old party corruption and greed. Currently The TEA PARTY is becoming a giant engine, as millions of delusional Americans are joining the membership. The Tea PARTY believes in Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government,a Free Fair Market and a Strong National Security That requires each administration honor their oath of allegiance, to protect and defend America from enemies domestic and foreign. This is an ultimatum of the TEA PARTY to Secure tight our border, employ 5000 military personal fully armed and to halt the bleeding of our countries financial welfare resources by illegal aliens. None of these policies are being enforced, as billions of dollars are still being consumed by the education, medical care for foreigners who have illegally residing here. Join the party that will halt every parody of the “Rule of Law” that consumes the United States entitlement programs. Exceptional skilled people can always immigrate here, but we have millions of our own poor, the lowest of income, that need jobs and THE TEA PARTY demands it doesn’t go to foreign nationals.

    Somebody should ask the question of who did the work in Utah, Texas, Arizona, Illinois or New York or any other location, before the invasion? Who picked potatoes ? My grandfather. Who dug trenches or who was employed landscaping. My uncle. Who laid new roofing down or put up drywall. Two of my cousins. Who worked in the 60’s in a restaurant or made beds in a motel that belonged to my other Uncle. My ex-wife. Who run around in McDonald in the early 70’s, while at college. ME! I flipped burgers.

    ATTN: NumbersUSA member has first-hand experience with H1B visa fraud. The member, who wishes to remain anonymous, used to work for both Oracle and Hewlett-Packard and was an integral part of the companies’ abuses of the H-1B visa program.Read about it.

    No Copyright, Ever. Distribute freely.


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