George Soros’ Oil Stocks In Libya Skyrocketed, Then He Sold

George Soros’ top energy investments all happened to be top oil producers in Libya: Suncore Energy, Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras, Occidental Petroleum, Marathon Oil Corp., Conoco Phillips, Halliburton, and Hess Corp.. They were purchased fairly recently, each over the last several years.

Each company saw stock prices skyrocket over the last six months: Suncore Energy up 46%, Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras up 15%, Occidental Petroleum up 36%, Marathon Oil Corp. up 61%, Conoco Phillips up 42%, Halliburton up 67%, Hess Corp up 57%. They have all done very well since Soros invested. But he started dumping these stocks very recently.

Soros somehow knew to reduce Suncore stocks on New Years eve. Soros dumped almost all his holdings. Likewise, Soros dumped almost all of Halliburton on New Years eve. Same for Hess. Soros dumped almost all of Occidental at the end of September, along with most of Conoco Phillips. He dumped much of Marathon in June. Soros actually increased PBR but that might have more to do with its huge oil bock buy in Africa. Each company began to tumble over these last few days because of the bloody revolution in Libya.

Soros switched much of that over to Russia and Venezuela oil giant Harvest National Resources, which skyrocketed right after his initial September 2010 buy.

Last March, Soros invested in airport screeners. How did he know to do that? Insider info! But how did he know what would go down across the Middle East?

He is behind it!

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