Dick Durbin is one of our worst foes in congress. He is famous for being an absolute crack-pot lefty, who has opposed our worthy missions in the war on terror at every step of the way. He has long been one of the loudest voices for cut-and-run, surrender, and he’s famous for proposing that a new DEPARTMENT OF PEACE replace the Dept. of Defense. He is one of CODE PINK’s favorite legislators.

Now he’s launched an attack on Rep. Pete King, in response to King’s bold hearings held earlier this month to root out and identify the causes and sources of the radicalization of American youths in the Muslim community here back home.

It’s a disturbing trend – homegrown terrorists, radicalized and motivated by jihadist clerics and Muslim leaders to turn against their country and plot attacks on American soil or travel to other countries, such as Afghanistan, to carry out jihad there against American troops or against our allies. Representative King’s hearings in congress did NOT violate people’s civil rights, and were held for the specific and exclusive purpose of ensuring American security.

Regardless of that fact Durbin is holding his own hearings in the senate to try to discredit Rep. King and bring him down. The far left wants to see Rep. King PUNISHED for daring to address the issue of radical Islam, which people like Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi and even President Obama, emphatically insist on IGNORING!

Dick Durbin has a long history of attacking anything that helps strengthen America. His suggestion that we should dissolve the Department of Defense and replace it with the Department of Peace amounts to an attack on EVERYONE who works for the DoD, which includes each and every one of our troops. Basically, Durbin wants to FIRE every soldier, marine, sailor, airman, and coast guardsman, and replace them with the Peace Corps! How effective would they be in defending our country?

Dick Durbin has insulted our military time and time again. In 2005, he COMPARED our agents in Afghanistan who were interrogating captured Al Qaeda fighters to, QUOTE: “Nazis, Soviets in their Gulag or some mad regime, Pol Pot or others, that had no concern for human beings.”

In addition to his well documented ties to CODE PINK, GLOBAL EXCHANGE, and ANSWER COALITION, Durbin also has ties to radical Imams and members of Muslim groups who have been actively investigated for their ties to HAMAS and other terrorist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here Durbin is pictured standing alongside Jamal Said, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the famous Holy Land Foundation investigation. Also alongside Durbin are several key members of HAMAS! Durbin has met with HAMAS supporters and operatives recently too! This photo was taken only FOUR WEEKS AGO!


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