Will Congress (at last, officially) solve the mystery of ‘the third terrorist’ in Oklahoma City?

By Wes Vernon | March 28, 2011


The chairman of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations may soon hold new hearings on the credible allegations that a third man — this one from the Middle East — collaborated with Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
In a phone interview with this writer, Committee Chairman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said that two weeks ago he met with Hussain Al-Hussaini — an Iraqi native alleged to have had a significant role in the bombing. The meeting took place at the site of a corrections facility in Dedham, Massachusetts, where Mr. Al-Hussaini has been held by authorities on charges stemming from a beer bottle brawl.
The man dubbed “The Third Terrorist” (see our report March 24, 2011) has been in jail awaiting a court appearance scheduled for Monday. He was arrested earlier this month on charges of assaulting a man at a homeless shelter in Quincy, Mass.
Disappear again?
This column has expressed concern that allowing Al-Hussaini out of jail (on bail or otherwise) could make him a flight risk. Recall that after he had failed in two trials to clear himself of complicity in the Oklahoma City bombing, he vanished. Until the recent beer bottle brawl, his whereabouts were generally known only to a few.
But Congressman Rohrabacher does not believe the Iraqi soldier is likely to disappear again. He says Al-Hussaini has fathered a child by a woman with whom he has been living, and thus appears to have settled in the area.
“He’ll be gone,” opines David Schippers, the Chicago lawyer who represents Jayna Davis, who has been on the story as a TV reporter in Oklahoma City. “The minute they let him go, he’ll disappear.” Davis herself agrees.
Rohrabacher says Al-Hussaini has been in the Boston area for some time. In fact, the congressman revealed to us that — acting on a tip — he had previously (“about three years ago”) traveled to Boston’s metro area and tried to interview Al-Hussaini at a “YMCA or some homeless shelter.”
Rohrabacher says he was unable at that time to secure the cooperation of the people in charge at the former Iraqi soldier’s then-living quarters. They would not disclose where Al-Hussaini was and even refused to take a message. They explained they would not compromise the “rights of our clients,” according to the veteran California representative.
Dereliction of duty?
Following Al-Hussaini’s arrest in the March 9 beer bottle brawl, the FBI issued a statement saying al-Hussaini had been “thoroughly investigated” and was found “to not have any role whatsoever” in the attack on the Murrah Federal Building.
Oh, really?
That claim is beyond befuddling. According to Rohrabacher, Al-Hussaini himself told him just two weeks ago (as he did years ago under oath in two trials where he failed to clear himself of the terrorist allegations) that “they [the feds] never questioned him on it [the bombing].”
“They are lying. The FBI is not telling us the truth,” Mr. Rohrabacher told me. “For whatever reason, they did not thoroughly investigate this potential [accomplice].” He speculated perhaps there was “something more that they know at the top level,” or perhaps there’s an “embarrassment” that they “know it’s possible that Hussain Al-Hussaini is John Doe 2.” Or “it’s possible that they’re just being lazy.”
Note: In the early hours after the ’95 bombing, national TV showed pictures of John Doe 1 (McVeigh) and John Doe 2 (allegedly Al-Hussaini). But John Doe 2′s picture quickly disappeared shortly thereafter.

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