Today Show Hero Worships Rising Democratic ‘Star’ Cory Booker

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NBC’s Jamie Gangel gave Cory Booker the full liberal media rock star treatment in her Tuesday Today show profile of the Democratic Newark, New Jersey mayor as she cheered that he’s “a celebrity with friends like Bon Jovi” and gushed he has “more than a million followers on Twitter.”

Calling Booker “a young ambitious politician often compared to Barack Obama,” Gangel proclaimed: “He truly is a force…and despite what he says, watch out. In a few years, his friends say they believe they will see him on the national stage.” This prompted Today co-anchor Ann Curry to respond to her NBC colleague: “Well he is very impressive” admitting that she’s also a fan, “By the way I’m a Twitter follower.”

Curry teased the Gangel story by hailing Booker as “one of the biggest rising stars of the Democratic Party” and added: “Everywhere you look nowadays, from Oprah to Facebook, Bon Jovi to Brad Pitt, Newark’s charismatic mayor Cory Booker is enlisting help for his troubled city.” During her piece Gangel covered everything from Booker’s early years noting, “Booker was an academic star, class president, and all-American tight end who went on to Stanford, a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford, and Yale Law School,” to his future plans as she prodded: “Do you think about running for governor? Senator? White House?”
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