SUNY chancellor of the State University of New York, aims to bring together community leaders, nonprofits, unions and businesses to improve the city’s “cradle to career” education.

UNION THUGS and ‘collaborators’ strive to get their grubby paws on, and indoctrinate as many youth as possible….

SUNY head says big-picture ‘collaboration’ is key

More than two-thirds of New York City high school graduates who attend two-year state colleges need remedial classes, but the State University of New York chancellor doesn’t believe in blaming the city.
Instead, Nancy Zimpher wants to collaborate with the Department of Education by replicating a process she helped design while she was president of the University of Cincinnati. The Strive Partnership was launched in 2006 to fix “cradle to career” education. The goal was to get community leaders, educators, nonprofits, philanthropies, teachers unions and businesses to work together to identify education methods proven to work.
“It’s very hard to point fingers when all the principal parties are at the same table,” she said.


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